About Us

We have a crew of 8 experts, all of which have 20+ years of experience in the Millwrighting field that perform each job. All men are capable of laying out and supervising any project. If more men are needed, we have an experienced pool to draw from.

Many of our prominent jobs come in as 3-4 day installs, but the solid work completed on each job has led to our employment and contracting for several years with each company that hires our team. Customer service and execution are clearly met on each task.

We have the knowledge and experience on many types of packaging installations. Most of the equipment comes from Europe and it comes in sections. We are able to receive it at the Port and transport it to the site, if needed, uncrate and move it into buildings from the first floor or from the 10th floor. We have the experience to crane equipment into the building when it will not fit on the elevator. See crane gallery here.

We have performed turnkey installations from state to state as well as many jobs from the U.S. to other countries.

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